Not only do we come in different shapes and forms but our bodies tend to evolve over the years.  When I was 20, I thought that the body I had then would stay with me forever and little did I know it would go through a lot of inevitable change. I am not talking about the weight aspect which is completely personal and one has the choice to manage it considering they are in good health. This post is about body shape evolution which just happens naturally and it’s ok. The key is to learn to live with it and adapt.

Everyone is different and this is in no way a general case but I thought I would share my experience… After all this is what blogging is about!

For me, having a baby played a major part in shaping my new figure, but it is not the only factor. Hormones, lifestyle and age contributed a lot.

After giving birth, it took me a few months to lose all the baby weight with perseverant workouts and healthy eating but nonetheless my body still felt and looked different. Clothes didn’t fit like they used to: my upper body was bigger and my lower body narrower.

I used to have a relatively small waist, whereas now it’s nearly the same width as my hips. I also have slightly fuller breast (despite not having breastfed, I had no milk) which I struggled with for a while. I know many women would dream of having bigger boobs but in my case it made me unhappy. I also started working out more post baby which resulted in a more muscular silhouette. Finally, the first signs of aging appeared, such as looser skin and expression lines (again a naturally occurring trait).

Now, how did I come to terms with these changes? At first I was in panic mode: I was lucky to have had the same shape/weight/size since reaching adulthood and  was definitely not ready for this inevitable transformation. But never underestimate human nature’s power of adaptation!

I threw away my padded bras and bought new contouring fits that actually minimize breasts while staying comfortable. My two favorite brands in this field are Chantelle and Maidenform (not sponsored).

Then I swapped tight and short for loose and longer. I firmly believe that age is just a number and it should in no way influence the way we dress but for me it just felt right and I leaned towards more comfortable and roomy options. I also started wearing belts to accentuate my waist. The maximum heel height I can now walk in is 4 inches / 10 cm. As for denim, I finally ditched my super skinny jeans (despite holding on to them for a while) and favored slim straight cuts.  I will dedicate a post to my current favorite denim selection.

Last but not least, I decided to fight aging signs with great beauty products, retinol treatments, and derma rollers every now and then. I will also write a blog post to my new skin routine.

This was my experience so far and I am sure there is more to come. A women’s body goes through different stages during a lifetime. I am no expert but am more than happy to answer any questions regarding my journey and how I lived it, so please feel free to reach out!

Dress: LPA  , Belt : Dior (old), Boots: Steve Madden (old)

Photograhy: Marta Skovro 




People ask me all the time “how do you balance your mom and family life with your shoots, events, content creation, workouts, administrative and housekeeping tasks…”  The reality is, my days are full. They are so full, I very often have no time to eat.

A typical day would start with waking up between 6am and 7am, coffee (very important), making breakfast for everyone (including the cats), the usual morning Instagram post then getting Hugo ready for school. School run is around 9am, after which I literally have to run to my workout session which typically  starts at 9.30am.

I will then rush home to get ready for a meeting, an appointment, a shoot, a showcase an opening or all.  There is always something happening in NYC (even in the middle of Summer!), often more than one event to attend in the same morning/evening. Prepping for shoots takes any extra hour or so.

In the early afternoon,  I work on my emails (which I also reply to throughout the day), a blog / Instagram post, edit photos, etc… Then it’s time to pick up Hugo and take him to the park. When we are back home it is time for his dinner, bath and book. He usually goes to bed at 7.30pm. Hubby and I would go out 2/3 times a week, mostly together, sometimes separately when we have work commitments. I do have help of course, from an amazing housekeeper and an excellent and flexible babysitter! On weekends I try not to attend any work events, but I still have to work on content. In this field, you have to be “online” 24/7.

So yes it is difficult to juggle everything to perfection which means some aspects of my busy life will suffer and in this case it’s my blog post frequency. I know it’s it’s not great and I should be maintaining the traffic but trust me it is tough! But I have read and heard your feedback, and I promise to do my best to get back into a good rhythm.

So today’s outfit is without a doubt one of the most flattering that I have ever worn and it does involve a crop top (yes you read well, a crop top!).

I m not gonna lie I have found it more difficult to wear skimpy tops since my c-section (thing are much better now though and I have gotten my abs back, phew… hard work pays ladies!).

However, abs or not, the secret to making a crop top look good is to wear it with a high waisted A-line skirt. My look today is by Emma Wallace, one of my absolute favorite UK designers. I am wearing a size UK 8 (my usual size) and it fits perfectly. My earrings are by Soru Jewellery and my bag is the old Dior Saddle version. I am so glad I kept all those years because it is making a huge come back!

The photos below were shot by the talented Marta, and I think, they speak for themselves. However I would love to hear your feedback as always! Happy browsing!




The best way to describe The Betsy Hotel is the following: it is an oasis of elegance and tranquility in the heart of buzzing South Beach, Miami.

Staying in this iconic property is like going back in time, in a very good way. If you are nostalgic of the Art Deco era, Miami’s golden age and like the Cuban appeal, this is the place for you.

First the decor is a mix of vintage inspired elements and modern pieces. Every detail has been thought out carefully. The lobby is so pretty you will actually want to hang out there for hours, especially when the hotel’s talented pianist is playing some jazz tunes…

The restaurant is tastefully decorated, with very comfortable chairs and pleasant aesthetics, in keeping with the warm atmosphere of the hotel. There are orchids and palm trees everywhere you look.

The rooms are minimalistic but very cozy, characterized by predominately present neutral hues and natural materials such as cotton sheets, stylish wooden shutters, jute carpets. The bathrooms are spacious, clean, newly renovated, with Malin and Goetz toiletries. Nice touch…

The hotel is divided into two buildings, an older colonial one and an art deco one, joined in the middle by a “Ball Bridge”, an eye catching piece of art, observable from the outside.

At The Betsy Hotel you can enjoy two swimming pools, one on the roof top with amazing views over the Historic Art Deco district and another one sheltered and located in their magnificent patio. And if you prefer the beach, all you have to do is cross Ocean Drive to a an astonishing stretch of white sand, where you are given a free sun bed for the day as a guest fo the hotel.

The food is exquisite and refined but unpretentious, with a mix of sophisticated dishes and American classics. I would highly recommend The Betsy Crab Cake and the Boucher burger.

And finally the service is beyond excellent. The staff was extremely helpful, which is highly appreciated when you are travelling with children.

In a few words, The Betsy Hotel is perfect if you are looking for a classy, boutique style, and relaxing place to stay. Basically my kind of hotel.


The Betsy Hotel, 1440 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139


Photography by Tatiana Katkova 





Hi guys,

I know, I haven’t written on the blog in a long time…

Blame it on multiple friends and family visits, travel, personal matters (not problems),  a hectic schedule… basically blame it on life!

First there was our very long trip to London then Cape Town, followed by ski trip in the Catskills, followed by a series of visits and events. I have to say I am enjoying this busy life!

Having said that, I stayed very active on Instagram so make sure you keep an eye on my profile for daily updates. In the meantime, I am rounding up some of my favourite looks in here.

If you have any questions or if there is any topic in particular that you want to write and post about please let me know… I am more than happy to listen to fresh ideas, let’s have an constant open dialogue!

At the moment I am doing a series of fashion and food shoots, let me know what you think of them, any feedback is welcome!




NYFW 2018

You have no idea how excited I am to attend my first NYFW! It is a dream come true.

Thank you Revolve for always looking after me, and thank you New York for the warm welcome!

This is one of the looks that I wore, I hope you enjoy the images, and you can shop my outfit at the end of the post.

See you at LFW!


Photography by Chaima Photography






I LOVE discovering new brands, especially when they are as special as JOUR/NÉ.

JOUR/NÉ designs are made for active women who want to wear functional but also creative pieces, from dawn until dusk. The brand embodies the “chic a la française”, modern yet elegant, simple yet sophisticated. The attention to detail is striking and the quality is top notch.

Today I am wearing one of their statement pieces: THE bomber jacket. Let me rephrase, THE BEST bomber jacket I have ever won. Truly. Honestly.

This jacket is a paradise for senses: it looks great, smells good, feels incredible, Made of the best possible satin fabric in the most amazing combination of colours and prints, it is so comfortable. People couldn’t help themselves but stop and stare. There is nothing else to be said. You know you are wearing the right outfit when you constantly get asked in the street where you got it from.

I am so honored and so pleased to have been part of the JOUR/NÉ journey. JOUR/NÉ means DAY/BORN.

To make the jacket stand out I have styled it with a pair of black J Brand cropped flares jeans, red velvet boots by Sam Edelman (matching the red collar and sleeves), a Gucci belt and a Hermes Kelly bag.


Photography by Tatiana Katkova




Good morning world!


I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.

We have been so busy lately with the unpacking of the 300000 boxes which shipped from London (who needs that much stuff???) and the installation of new furniture in the apartment. Time is flying by and I have just realised that January is nearly over!

Today is Hubby’s birthday, we went out for a really nice meal at The Lambs Club last night and indulged in an amazing feast! I will be posting a mini review on Instagram soon so keep an eye out for it. Today we have planned a relaxing family day including a brunch and some play time in the park.

In the meantime, here is an outfit that is representative of the current New York weather: one day it is super cold and snowy and the next it feels like Spring! I love how temperatures evolve in brackets of 15-20 degrees at a time. Last night for example, we walked to dinner and the air was so pleasant and warm, we were wearing light jackets. However we are excepting snow on Tuesday, it’s incredible! Luckily, we still have three weeks until we fly to a sunnier destination that I cannot wait to share with you!

So as I wrote above, my outfit is a mix of warm items of clothing and bare legs! My jacket is from Zara (current collection) and my bag by Chanel (last year). You can shop everything else at the end of the post.



Photography by Tatiana Katkova




Hello lovely people,


I haven’t been posting much on the blog lately as I have been very busy with the move and settling in. But hopefully things will go back to normal soon!

Life in NYC is great, I have to say we are loving every bit of it. We live in a busy area but also near Central Park which is great for escaping the city buzz. So far we were able to walk almost everywhere, and it was very easy finding everything we need.

So last night was a very hectic one for us! Around 7pm, a fire started on the 8th floor of our building (we live on the 12th). The fire alarm went on and when we opened our front door there was so much smoke outside that our first reaction was to leave the apartment and run down the stairs because (we didn’t know where the fire was at that point). I was carrying Hugo and Chris (hubby) grabbed the cats and put them in a suitcase! There was so much smoke in the common areas we could barely see or breathe. The worst was of course around the 8th floor and I started to panic thinking it was going to be that bad the whole way down! Luckily it cleared up after floor 6.

We finally reached the ground level where many other residents were waiting.  Then FDNY was here: 4 fire engines and about 100 firemen (no joke!)…. It was an impressive demonstration of a rescue mission! Men at work in a very orderly manner with tools, axes, hoses, helmets and radios… Hugo thought it was a super fun game while the poor cats were meowing so loud in the suitcase! The fire, which source was a tenant action / accident, was then extinguished in the matter of minutes.

Thankfully, everyone was safe, a couple of people (the residents of the apartment that caught fire) were lightly injured. All in all it was an exciting but scary experience and it was such a privilege to be able to witness FDNY in action, I have so much respect for them!

So that was a bit of gossip and action of the day, now back to fashion!

I am wearing a brown and taupe look today (we don’t see so much brown anymore these days!). My faux fur coat is by Zara (this year), my bag is by Louis Vuitton, my earrings by Soru Jewellery and I have linked everything else at the end of the post! This look is the proof that you can easily mix high end and high street and look like a million bucks!


Photography by Tatiana Katkova









Good morning lovely people!


I hope you are all having a good week, it is still very early here in NYC, and temperatures are still very frigid.

It seems like the  start of this Winter has been the harshest since people can remember, especially in the sense that it has been very cold for a long period of time. Just what we needed for our first few weeks in the city :)!

Jokes aside, we are loving life here. We have received some more furniture yesterday so our apartment is finally starting to look like a home. I will do a tour when everything has arrived including our things shipped from London, they must be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic as we speak.

People ask me what is the main difference between London and New York. I would say, New York was built for the comfort of men. It is such a practical city, everything is functional, there is a ton of space and when things are broken they get fixed very quickly. The service is generally very good, and it is very easy to get things done such as post a letter, buy a hammer, hail a taxi, or even find appropriate child care (which in London is a massive hassle).

So all is all, we are absolutely loving it here! I will of course keep you updated on how things go, in the meantime, here is a first look from the streets of NYC, I hope you enjoy the images, you can also shop my look at the end of the post!


Photography by Tatiana Katkova