May 29, 2017

Written by Isis Louwย 


London on a warm and sunny day is probably one of my favourite places on earth.

This weekend, we had what the British call a heatwave (frankly it was just heavenly weather for us Mediterraneans), and since we were staying in London (a very rare event for us on a bank holiday weekend), a bunch of us decided to head to our favourite park, Regent’s Park.

We bought some finger food and drinks, laid down some blankets on the fresh grass and had a wonderful time eating, chatting, playing, laughing etc… It was a memorable day out with family and friends, under the most amazing blue sky, surrounded by greenery, ducks and birds. The kids could run around barefoot and it felt like we had left London for the day.

Outfit wise, I was getting in the holiday spirit so I wore the cutest Summer dress from Topshop, midi length which makes it easier to sit down and run after the little one. I bought my in Ecuador a few years ago and my sandals are from last year Castaner collection . I am also wearing my yellow Gucci bucket bag from two years ago.





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