September 21, 2017

Written by isis Louw

The Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort is located on the lush island of St Lucia, between its two famous UNESCO World Heritage listed Pitons. The hotel is set within over 100 acres of pristine rainforest on the site of an 18th Century sugar plantation.

It is arguably one of the most scenic and luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. Here nature meets high end accommodation and service and they co-exist harmoniously.

Sugar Beach has one of the best beaches on the Island, with soft white sand, still crystal clear water and an incredible backdrop. It also has a spectacular infinity pool, and three restaurants: The Great Room, The Bayside and The cane Bar, with a variety of international and exquisite cuisine.

As for accommodation, Sugar Beach offer a selection of bungalows, cottages and rooms, all set to the highest standard and hidden in its beautiful jungle. There are no cars allowed apart from the hotel transportation vehicles and the tuk-tuks shuttles reserved for guests.

There are many activities available on site: tennis courts, fitness centre, water sports, boat trips or hikes.

Last but not least, the Rainforest Spa offers some of the best treatments and massages, using Natura Bissé products, in the most idyllic space.


Viceroy Sugar Beach Resort and Hotel, Val des Pitons, P.O. Box 251, Soufriere, Saint Lucia 


Photography by Rob Louw 



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