September 19, 2017

Written by Isis Louw


Since my last visit to Japan in 2015, I have been longing to go back. Tokyo in particular has such a special place in my heart, it made happy, curious and very relaxed.

What amazed me the most about the Japanese culture is how important their food is. I had never eaten better anywhere else in the world, even the smallest, most discrete sushi bar offered the highest quality ingredients… So it is no surprise that Tokyo has more Michelin stars than Paris. Some of those stars belong to Chef Yoshihiro Murata who decided to bring his talent and expertise to London and open Tokimeite in the heart of Mayfair.

Tokimeite is one of a few authentic Japanese Washoku (traditional cuisine) restaurants in London. It  specialises in Kaiseki (the most refined form of Washoku) with a European twist.  It is the ultimate dinning venue for the Japanese cuisine aficionados like me and it brings back so many great memories of a wonderful country.

We were sat at the bar so we can have a direct view on the kitchen and admire the chef’s cooking skills. Our experience was mainly focused on Wagyu Beef which was the piece de resistance of our menu and was of course outstanding. Our meal also included dishes such as a selection of delicate starters and Japanese salads, a combination of their best sushi, the tastiest miso soup and the softest green tea ice cream to finish. Our sommelier recommended a bottle of chilled Sake which was served in wine glasses and was absolutely exquisite.

As for the venue, the luxurious yet minimalist decoration took us straight back to Tokyo and its eclectic venues. The staff and the service were without doubt, one of the best we had ever experienced.



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