October 5, 2017

Written by Isis Louw


I am always looking for the perfect shirt. Since my Investment banking days, I have always loved smart shirts. I know for a fact that it is actually not that easy to find them. I now have a cupboard full of them and every time I feel inspired and decide to wear one, I end up disappointed, either because they are still creased despited being ironed,  or they didn’t survive the first wash, or they just don’t fit well anymore…

Then I discovered Jetti London at the Designers Showroom during London Fashion Week. Their collection is stylish, functional, easy to wear. To quote Rachel Rymar, founder of the brand: ‘ Besides being made with 100% cotton easy care fabric (meaning no dry cleaning necessary, machine wash at home, and it has wrinkle resistant properties) the pieces are fuss free, low maintenance, but for women who still love something unique”.

Basically, the shirts are beautifully cut, feminine and very easy to care for.  Just what I need.

In today’s look, I am wearing their signature Crooked Boyfriend shirt. It is so comfortable and the fabric so soft.  The good news is, you can buy their products online here and they ship worldwide!


Photography by Kate Dyomina


Shirt: Jetti London

Trousers: Asos 

Hat: Sacred Hawk

Shoes: Freya Rose


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