October 12, 2017

Written by Isis Louw


The Restory is an online on-demand shoe and handbag restoration service, destined to bring your beloved but tired luxury belongings back to life.

The company operates in London with a door-to-door pick up and delivery service. The Restory specialises in high end luxury goods and will provide the best standard of restoration possible.

I decided to take part of the experience and handed The Restory‘s team my Hermes Blue Jean Birkin 30 cm, which is more than a decade old and has been through a lot. There were signs of wear and tear here and there, the corners had faded, the handles had darkened and the overall bag looked tired and out of shape.

The process was hassle free and straight forward: I booked a collection on The Restory’sΒ website, a courier was then organised on the same day, picked up the bag and all I had to do is wait. Ten days later, the bag was returned to me all shiny and brand new!!! The bag honestly looked like it just came out of the Hermes factory, I was beyond chuffed and fell in love with my bag all over again!

The communication with the company was continuous and regular, I received a confirmation of reception, an update on the process and a confirmation of delivery. The team was helpful, available and very friendly.

Last but not least, the pricing was extremely reasonable and the job provided was great value for money!




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