November 25, 2017

Good morning beautiful people,


I hope you are all having a nice weekend.

As for us, it is the quiet before the storm. We are sorting a few admin things and decluttering before our big move. While I am writing this post, there are lots of boxes scattered around our living room, some going to charity, others to my in-laws, and many more ready to be shipped overseas.

Moving is always a stressful experience, especially when it is to a different country. But it is also very exciting as it implies a new beginning and a new life. The movers are coming to pack and collect our stuff on the week of the 4th December, then it is the cat’s turn. We are using an awesome company that collects and delivers pets door to door, in the best conditions possible and with a minimum hassle for the owners! The services you have these days… I will keep you posted of the different steps in here and on Instagram.

In the meantime, it is very cold here in London, temperatures have suddenly plummeted, sometimes into negative territory overnight. My favourite garment to wear when it is freezing are chunky knits, there are so cosy, comfortable and they keep me warm ( I hate being cold!).

My chunky knit today is by Sauths, which is a brand that I LOVE and have worn A LOT lately. I am wearing this beautiful sweater (currently on sale online) with a pleated midi skirt, over-the-knee boots, Soru Jewellery earrings and a Celine classic box bag. A total blue look.


Photography by Kate Dyomina




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