January 16, 2018

Good morning lovely people!


I hope you are all having a good week, it is still very early here in NYC, and temperatures are still very frigid.

It seems like the  start of this Winter has been the harshest since people can remember, especially in the sense that it has been very cold for a long period of time. Just what we needed for our first few weeks in the city :)!

Jokes aside, we are loving life here. We have received some more furniture yesterday so our apartment is finally starting to look like a home. I will do a tour when everything has arrived including our things shipped from London, they must be somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic as we speak.

People ask me what is the main difference between London and New York. I would say, New York was built for the comfort of men. It is such a practical city, everything is functional, there is a ton of space and when things are broken they get fixed very quickly. The service is generally very good, and it is very easy to get things done such as post a letter, buy a hammer, hail a taxi, or even find appropriate child care (which in London is a massive hassle).

So all is all, we are absolutely loving it here! I will of course keep you updated on how things go, in the meantime, here is a first look from the streets of NYC, I hope you enjoy the images, you can also shop my look at the end of the post!


Photography by Tatiana Katkova



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